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Top 30 Shakespeare Research Topics for Students

Writing a paper about William Shakespeare is a project that requires one to do a literature review. W. Shakespeare is known for his excellent playwrights all the while. His plays have been studied and performed throughout the centuries by the wide range of actors and production companies.

The life of the literary giant has been discussed numerous times while his unique writing style, influence, and contribution to the world of literature have been made famous and glorified. Writing such an assignment is not simple and easy and requires a lot of time and effort. It would be difficult to make the choice of Shakespeare research topics.

The simplest way to choose the topic would be to select one of his plays and start analyzing it. You may discuss the background of the masterpiece of literature, the principal idea and numerous controversies which broaches the play. However, do not decide on this specific and engaging research paper topic. A vast amount of Shakespeare issues are waiting to be included in your research!

You may find papers written on literary research paper topic about Shakespeare and use it as an idea for your task. As the writer is worldwide famous, it takes a little effort to find an exhaustive account. If you still tackle an issue of the topic, then find the best one in the list below.

Prominent Shakespeare Research Paper Topics

While looking for an appropriate topic, it would be an excellent idea to examine the key aspect of the assignment - informative or explanatory. An investigation is of high quality in the case when it is precise enough to cover every eventuality and is quite broad to be easily studied. At the same time, a research question and an issue are aimed to prove or argue about an issue and not just simply state a fact or investigation. The above specifications may be quickly fulfilled if you first determine an area of interest. Afterward, choose an angle from which you will analyze it.

For example, most of the writings on literature undertake a study about the author and his window of time and historical background, or the writer's play and its appraisement and study. To start writing, choose one of these classifications to discuss and next specify it. The examples comprehend characters, development of the plot, literary devices, for instance, imagery or metaphors and the depiction of the thesis. These or additional aspects may let you determine a topic and problematics of the issue.

Here is a list of some William Shakespeare research paper topics for you to save your time and choose the most attractive one.

  • Religion abstention in Shakespeare's plays; their relation to the Renaissance period.
  • A juxtaposition of the attitude of vengeance in Hamlet and Othello;
  • The question of acquiescing and profound respect in parent-child relationships in Shakespeare's plays;
  • The impact of government and politics on Shakespearean literature: the aristocrat's position and its analysis;
  • The notion of marriage in Shakespeare's works and its comparison to the years when the writer lived.

Shakespeare Research Topics Middle School

The essential questions for Middle school pupils would be simple: who was W. Shakespeare and how did he manage to become one of the most famous writers? From this question a lot of themes could be suggested, for instance:

  1. What is the author's native town?
  2. Who were the parents of the author and how did they educate him?
  3. The author's birthplace.
  4. How did the author start writing?
  5. Why did the writer compose plays?
  6. Shakespeare's masterpieces and their central themes?
  7. Description of the actors in Shakespeare's plays.
  8. Where were the plays written by Shakespeare performed?
  9. Why were the author's plays so famous, who went to see them?
  10. What are the common themes in Shakespearean poesy?
  11. Describe the other jobs of the famous writer.

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Shakespeare Research Topics High School

The topics below are suitable for first-year students as well as for senior students. Select the one you like and start tackling an issue.

  1. How could the public education system of Shakespeare's times have produced someone who knew well numerous subjects?
  2. Would a day at the theater watching a play in Shakespeare's time be an enjoyable experience?
  3. How did religion and politics affect theaters, and the public perception of actors, playwrights, and theaters, in Shakespeare's time?
  4. Name the worst aspects of going to a doctor or healer or dentist during this time? (Considering the belief in The Four Humours).
  5. How would the concept of God/Fate/Destiny have affected the daily life of a person in Shakespeare's time?

Shakespeare Research Topics College

  1. Conflict is important to drama. Show that Hamlet represents both external and internal conflicts;
  2. What distinguishes Romeo and Juliet from other plays of Shakespeare? What makes special the young lovers from other heroes such as Othello, Macbeth, or Hamlet?
  3. The supernatural plays a key role in "Macbeth." To what extent does it influence her behavior?
  4. The natural image in Shakespeare's "King Lear."
  5. The literary and historical aspects of the classic play and why is Henry IV a moral play?

Shakespeare Sonnets Research Topics

Sonnet 18 is perhaps the most outstanding poem in English literature. How does the protagonist use images of nature to produce a picture of the beauty of a young man?

  1. The comparison of love expression for the fair lord and the dark lady.
  2. Discuss the issue of infidelity in the sonnets of Shakespeare.
  3. The symbolism of colors in the Shakespeare's sonnets.
  4. The financial imagery in the sonnets.

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