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    Essay Checker - Plagiarism and Grammar Check Online

    Almost every day, students face the challenge of dealing with their writing assignments. It is safe to say that the challenge has a dual nature. On one hand, you have to take care of grammar, and on the other, ensure total uniqueness. Any traces of plagiarism are punishable with a deduction of points, and those caught copying content risk receiving low or even failing marks. Using plagiarism may be the worst academic offense you can commit, which is why instructors tend to clamp down on pupils who "borrow" other people's ideas. That way, they try to prevent them from stealing intellectual property in the future.

    Oftentimes, plagiarism is intentional, but, sometimes, students might have absolutely no idea that it's present in a paper. Therefore, they sincerely don't understand why the assignment they did got a red flag. The main culprit is the free and paid software teaching personnel use to help them locate unoriginal stuff. While some of them, such as Grammarly, can't find plagiarism and look for grammar and spell errors, others can detect even the tiniest traces of copied content. When you can't go to the source and try matching text there with yours, it's next to impossible for you to get this tool to recognize your paper as authentic. This type of situation is quite commonplace, and you could encounter it not only at your school but also in your college or university.

    Checking your piece for originality can take approximately seconds, while it can take weeks, months, or even a whole academic year to fix it before your tutor OKs it. Even those of them who have spent years teaching students know about the advantages of using such apps. Like we said before, the implications of plagiarism can be quite severe, so you should be able to make your work plagiarism free and totally authentic. Here's what pupils struggling with plagiarism can do to prevent it from creeping into their works.

    1. When you're writing your work, keep checking it for authenticity.
    2. Acknowledge the authors that contributed to your research.
    3. Inform the readers about a source you obtained your data from.
    4. Format your work properly and be sure to cite sources.
    5. Learn how to cite your sources.

    Imagine somebody stealing your ideas. How would you feel about that? You'd be pretty mad, right? That is why you should follow ethical rules when writing college essays, and it is not that easy without having a qualified helper.

    What Kind of Help Can You Count On?

    It is considered common knowledge that students wishing to make their works unique send the "check essay" request to online essay checker writing companies. However, preparing an original essay from scratch requires more than just having one's papers checked for errors by some specialized software, such as the Grammar Plus plagiarism tool.

    One more way to avoid plagiarism is to use an essay checker for free. However, it is not enough to just copy-paste your text in it and wait for the result to appear. Unless, of course, you know which parts of the text should be changed to avoid being accused of a serious offense like this. There are several ways in which you can do it:

    You can leave some copy-pasted parts, though. But if you do, you should cite sources and add references you find in the Works Cited page, List of References, or Bibliography (the name depends on the citation format you go with, e.g., MLA, APA or Chicago). Please, note that some teachers are OK with you inserting direct and indirect quotations. A student should know how many quotes they can insert per a specific amount of words. It is also important that you peruse the latest editions of writing style manuals published by respective organizations. That way, you can figure out how to use quotation marks and other elements of citations and references properly.

    A good essay checker might be your best option if you don't want to spend too much money. Are you done with your essay? To make it plagiarism-proof, we recommend you use our free essay checker!

    Why This Free Essay Checker?

    Are you a student struggling with a homework assignment? If you've never heard about a free essay checker, it is about time you did. Our team has come up with one and is happy to offer it to students from the US, UK, and other English-speaking countries.

    The intense lifestyle contemporary students are leading is causing them to seek help with their homework assignments. It's up to them whether they want to get helped by a human or a machine. Some may say that a free essay check is not as effective as professional writing services. However, it is better than simply ignore the revision stage at all. Thanks to advances in modern technology, our team has been able to come up with a unique app that can check for plagiarism and do many other useful things.

    College and university professors can make you comply with a host of different requirements. Once you are done with your writing, you should make it plagiarism free by checking it for grammar, punctuation, formatting, and spelling errors. Remember - every criterion matters. While a qualified editor can take care of the rest, you can focus on fixing issues with plagiarism. Type something like "check my essay for free" in the Google search field and see how many different tools you'll be provided with, including ours. With its help, you'll be able to ensure 100% uniqueness of your texts.

    The essay checker available on our website is capable of quickly detecting and highlighting identical content. There are quite a few alternative products on the market today. However, increasingly more students are happy with the results our innovative software ensures. Most modern essay writing services offer their clients built-in instruments for plagiarism checking. So, what makes our solution special? Our team will not lie to you by saying that our app will check plagiarism with 100% accuracy. However, we can guarantee that it is one of the most effective solutions and that it fully satisfies both students and professors. Let us tell help you learn more about our product.

    Check My Essay for Free: Advantages That Our Users Get

    So, you have landed on this website after typing in "check my essay free" in the search field of your browser or after searching for a company capable of doing your homework or assisting you with your writing tasks? Both options make sense: you might feel overwhelmed and need some rest. Surely, you can waste a whole day revising your essay draft. However, it'll take approximately a minute or less to insert a section of your text in our tool and see what problems it has. It works like this:

    1. Copy-paste your text using Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C (or any other keyboard combinations your OS supports) and hit the "check my essay" button. Once again, the process will not last longer than one minute - it all depends on how big your text is and how many people are currently waiting in line. Our service was developed primarily for students, so your wait time won't exceed one minute. Other popular text checkers that are used by millions of people every day can take years to complete a scan.
    2. After hitting the "check my essay" button, our plagiarism tool will start the scanning process. To obtain the most accurate and comprehensive report, our tool will scan as many relevant sources as possible and compare them with your piece. You should be patient if you check a really long text, such as a dissertation. Once you're done checking your piece, our software will provide you with the uniqueness report (it'll take a maximum of five minutes to generate it).
    3. When you're done, you'll get redirected to the Your Results page. Also, you will get to see a list of sources containing similar pieces of text. You can then fix the situation by adding a quote of the original author, rewriting the part, or deleting it altogether. You can notice some overlaps detected by the system. You can treat them as recommendations or remove the mistakes.
    4. The final step is totally optional: it is possible to download the report in the format of your choice (e.g., docx or pdf) if you wish to attach it to your work.

    Once you agree to our terms and conditions, you can start checking your essay by using our tool. We believe that only a real essay writing company can create a tool that students can trust. Need to get the fastest and most accurate results? We recommend using only our tools!

    Is There Anything Else Our Tool Can Surprise You With?

    While some software can offer only specific features, our essay checker online made ours "all-inclusive". Some students claim that it might be enough to insert the contents of their research papers or essays into a search engine to see if it matches any text. In most cases, things do not work that way. The text should be fully identical to get a 100% match on Google. A writer might have to spend plenty of time copy-pasting it paragraph-by-paragraph or sentence-by-sentence - search engines have certain limitations when it comes to their search fields.

    You needn't do anything manually if you only want to know a percentage of plagiarism in your piece. We have come up with a totally automated system. After you are done with an essay, research paper, or thesis, you should spend a few minutes of your time and run it through the plagiarism checker on our site. Don't worry - you'll still be able to catch up with your deadline. When doing things manually, you risk failing this mission.

    Once a student chooses to copy-paste their text in our tool, it will almost instantly underline any possible matches and display the sources. Think this is the first time you're seeing those? We highly recommend taking the above steps to prevent yourself from encountering any troubles in the future. Any work that our users wish to check will be compared with thousands of others. You may leave things unchanged if you feel they help you emphasize your point. When it comes to specific data, facts, statistics, theories, suggestions, and ideas of other people who used to observe the same or related issue, there are two possible solutions. First, you may try to rewrite this section and run a fresh check. Second, you may format unoriginal bits and make them look like citations. If you go with the last option, you'll need to make sure that your quotations match your chosen writing style and back it up with a respective reference entry in the bibliography section. After checking your piece for uniqueness, you'll get a pretty good idea of how much of your content needs to be improved. It will help you manage your time more effectively and protect you from having a heart attack (just kidding).

    How come you may still face issues with originality after doing an essay from the ground up? Let's face it - no student can know everything about the topic or question their teacher may require them to write on. Therefore, it will be impossible for them to finish their tasks without doing some in-depth research. You'll have to surf the web exploring hundreds of sources. Often, you have no other option but to redo certain parts of the content you come across online and include them in your work. However, it may not always be possible to replace certain terms with other definitions.

    Because of these factors, young people may face some serious problems. Students who try to compose texts from the ground up may be unjustly accused of plagiarism when trying to represent information in their own way. Using our magic wand, i.e., an online checker will deal with that problem most effectively. What's more, it will provide them with a viable alternative to other options, such as seeking the help of their friends or relatives.

    Premium Functionality - Check My Essay Free!

    You can only be confident in the quality of your work if you've run a grammar check several times. That is the only way you can make your work 100% unique. Right now, you must be wondering how this free plagiarism checker is different from a host of other options available on the market, right? We have prepared plenty of benefits for our clients:

    Which of the Available Options Should You Choose and Why?

    This online instrument is simply packed with various features. Unlike other tools with similar functionality, this one works way faster and includes everything necessary to make your content even better. You should bear in mind one thing, though - your prof uses the Internet, too. Therefore, you should be ready to submit a flawlessly written paper so that they reward you with a grade you're looking forward to getting. Because our tool works really fast, you can get a detailed report showing you what you can do with your work in a matter of seconds.

    All you need to do is insert your content in the text box. Next, you should hit the Check My Essay/Paper button and make any settings you want (just click on the button below). Then, you can just relax and have a cup of coffee or watch a video. If a student decides that he or she has no time to paraphrase the copied parts of the text, they can opt for services provided by our academic company. That way, they can also save their time significantly.

    After the checker detects duplicates in your essay, it will provide you with tips on how you can eliminate them (e.g., by paraphrasing) and get a 100% unique piece. When one is in a time crunch, our solution may come in really handy. Here are a few more reasons for you to consider if you are still unsure whether you should use the plagiarism checker by our company:

    If you still do not understand why duplicate content is dangerous, look up "plagiarism" in your dictionary (or in the library) to increase your overall awareness of the term. Keep in mind, though, that different sources provide different versions of the plagiarism definition. It is up to you whether you want to make the necessary changes in your paper or not. If the paper is OK, then you should leave it as it is.

    We suggest that you create a list of references while browsing for available sources online or look for them in the brick-and-mortar library. That way, you'll save plenty of time and deal effectively with all potential plagiarism-related problems. Use our online tool to check your essay whenever you need - it is available 24/7.

    Writing Standarts

    Here are some of the standards we always adhere to when writing.

    Number of words 275 per page
    Margin 1 inch (2.54 cm)
    Font Times New Roman, 12 Pt
    Citations Proper referencing according to your order

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