While browsing the site or while ordering, you give us certain details about yourself. Please, read through the Privacy Policy mindfully to acquire more information.

Personal Details

Whenever a customer places an order and continues with payment, they will be requested to indicate contact info and some billing details. But, there won't be any reasons for concern because we keep all user data protected and use it for order-related matters only. We can use your e-mail address only if we need to inform you of the order status changes or any related matters. Our company by no means sells this information and never provides any type of access to it. In case we really need to get in touch with you urgently, we will use your telephone number. But, it applies only to a limited number of situations like a lack of instructions or difficulties with attached materials.

Info about visitors

We receive some data like the version of your Internet browsing application or your operating system whenever you use the website. We guarantee you that we under no circumstances share this data with any third-party organizations and it is used only inside our company to improve the web-site content and quality and make the design ideal for each and every client.


We do marketing analysis with the help of Google Analytics which automatically saves all the users’ browser cookies ( that are kept on your computer when you browse). Web cookies don't hold any personal info. These files store only some non-identifying details on the visitor's Internet browsing activity. We give that information to Google and receive analytical results in the form of activity reports.

External Links

We can't be held accountable for inaccurate, partial or unlawful or in particular for problems arising from the use or non-use of any material provided on linked resources. Our team regularly reviews and tweaks our Online Privacy Policy. You are more than welcome to read through the most recent changes to keep yourself in the loop.