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The Effects of Child Abuse

Child abuse is a destructive issue that may lead to devastating results. The survivors of child abuse don't even always reach adulthood, having chosen to end their own life instead of suffering further. Those who live go on to lead a troubled life, mentally and physically. This is an issue that should never be hushed down.

The Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. is a widespread campaign that focuses itself on working out the equality of every individual. It presents itself in different forms across the history of the United States, and every new step has its similarities and differences with the previous one.

Lord of the Flies - Novel vs. Movie

William Golding's "Lord of the Flies" is an iconic example of how great the world of literature is. Both the original novel and it's 1963 movie adaptation are insightful and fascinating. How did the directors see the concept, and in which ways did they breathe life into it?

Gun Control Implementation

The issue of mass shootings, especially at schools, has been a pressing societal concern for several decades now. The need to implement gun control is undeniable and urgent. Such a law would prevent deaths and injuries of hundreds of citizens.

U.S. Media Representation of Immigration

The narrative of media coverage is a strong point of influence on society's stand on certain issues. The way that U.S. media portrait the immigration community can be both beneficial and destructive. So, what is the truth?

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