Money Back and Refunds

We assiduously strive to not only satisfy our customers but to delight them with top quality papers that meet their requirements and exceed their expectations. We also aim to make the process of placing your orders with us as smooth, secure, and customer-friendly as possible. One way we have achieved that aim is by offering a money-back guarantee to our customers. This allows our customers the control over their ordering process. As a customer, you can cancel your order at any stage of placing it. When you place your order, it is processed within 24 hours, so you are sure to hear back from us quickly. If you wish to get a refund, please read further to see the applicable cases and steps you should follow.

My work was not delivered on time

It is a rare occurrence that we are not able to complete an order on time. It is more common to deliver on or before the given delivery time. We employ professional writers who are specialists in their areas of focus. They strive to outdo themselves and exceed your expectations. But it is also honest to admit that there may arise unforeseen scenarios. In such rare cases where the appointed writer is not able to deliver on time, the affected customer receives a full refund. In order to notify our customer support staff that you are no longer willing to wait or simply do not need the paper anymore due to the protracted or unexpected delays, please use the proper communication channels given on our Contact Us page. Please, ensure you do so within 24 hours of the initial deadline for the order.

If the prepared paper or revised work was uploaded late by the writer and you still decide to accept it, a full refund cannot be issued. Please contact our customer support staff for details on applicable compensation.

Important: If the delay in completion of the paper is due to lateness on your part to submit the requirements or instructions, necessary material or give important clarifications, we are not be held responsible. Nonetheless, considering that we place our customers first in all we do, we urge you to quickly contact our support staff in such situations to find a resolution.

I placed two orders, but I only need one

Should you place multiple orders for the same task and realize you only need one, please contact our customer support staff as quickly as possible. Be sure to identify the multiple orders and specify which of them you would like to keep. You will be assisted accordingly to effect the desired change. Even if you are not sure how many such orders you placed, communicate with our support staff - they are always happy to help resolve your issues.

I was charged (billed) several times for one order

If you observe, with reasonable evidence to support your claim, that you were charged several times for 1 order, please contact our support staff as soon as possible. Also, ensure you provide a clear image of your bank statement showing the duplicate transactions or receipts from the payment processing service used, clearly showing charges incurred. If our resolution staff determine that the claim is valid after proper assessment, you will get a full refund of the duplicate charge within 12 hours.

I am not satisfied with the quality of the work done

If you want to cancel a non-completed order, please contact our support team using the appropriate channels given in our Contact Us page, as well as specify your reason for cancellation. Within 2 hours of receiving the cancellation request, you will be contacted by one of our customer support agents to confirm the request, causes of it, and your preferred method for issuing the refund.

If you are not happy with the quality of the paper prepared, you are allowed 3 days to send your complaint along with detailed comments specifying the reasons for your dissatisfaction (requirements not followed or sections you want to be improved). A free revision will be made within 14 days of the order delivery time if any of your initial requirements are not fully met. After the revision, you will also have 3 days to review it and communicate any further concern by contacting our support staff using the listed channels on our Contact Us page. Please, ensure you provide clear explanations on the areas of concern to you. Our team will look into your case and contact you within 24 hours with a resolution or a compensation offer.

If within 3 days you make no comment or raise a concern, we effectively conclude that your work was done according to your requirements. Consequently, no refund or compensation will be issued after the 3-day period.

Should you get full reimbursement for an already completed order, our Company retains full copyright ownership of the paper. Accordingly, you are not allowed to make it available anywhere for commercial or informational purposes, particularly online, since it can be easily indexed or located by search engines and anti-plagiarism software used by universities or schools. It will be easily linked back to our website as the original source, therefore, leading to undesirable outcomes. Furthermore, we are not able to remove the paper you post without authorization from the web pages or search engine results. Hence, you are strongly warned to avoid such unauthorized and illegal actions that infringe on protected copyrights.

What happens when no writer is found to work on my order

We always work to ensure you get the services of our professional writers promptly. But in the rare scenario whereby a writer is not found to work on your order, you will be kept informed about current developments and actions taken to resolve the situation. Hence, you will never be surprised about the status of your order. If we are not able to find a fitting writer, you will be issued a full refund.

Also, in a similar situation where we cannot find a writer to work on your request for a different writer to revise a previously prepared work done by another writer, our resolution team will look into your case to find a proper resolution and compensation.

Writing Standarts

Here are some of the standards we always adhere to when writing.

Number of words 275 per page
Margin 1 inch (2.54 cm)
Font Times New Roman, 12 Pt
Citations Proper referencing according to your order

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