Our Cookie Policy

Cookies' general definition

Cookies are special files that are stored on the pc or any other devices with the internet connection.When you use your internet browser, they keep some information about your activity in the global network.

We require cookies to make our website significantly better based on your requirements, hence improving the consumer experience.For instance, you can be kept logged in for a specific period of time and navigate the site easier.

You alone decide what to do with cookies on your laptop or computer.In case you don't want us to work with your cookies, send them or collect - you are able to adjust or remove them.However, with cookies being disabled, the proper work of all features can't be 100% guaranteed.

What kinds of cookies are used?

We work with session and persistent cookies. Session ones are kept only when your internet browser is open.One of their functions is to track your recent website activity, e.g., if it's the first time you buy something on the website.The other type can also be called permanent since these cookies are stored irrespective of whether your browser is running or not.

What We Can do With Cookies

Cookies are utilized in the order form on the site.Getting our services may become a problem if you turn them off.In addition, we require them when:

  • there's a need to remember the of an order
  • you want to be logged in for a specific period
  • we need to monitor the usage of our plagiarism checking program
  • our clients need support (we use the live chat to answer their questions)
  • there is a need to monitor visitors' activity via Google Analytics

How to Manage Cookies

Cookies removal can often be the reason for the improper performance of the site, which can spoil your browsing experience.Yet, if you actually decide to disable or remove them, you'll be able to do it through your browser options.Locate the help function in the internet browser menu for the instructions.

Other companies aren't involved in our work

No other companies are involved in our work. We use cookies for money transferring any time the clients pay for our services.In this case, personal information is not sent to anyone that doesn't take part in the ordering process (pacing, writing, delivering, etc.).

Writing Standarts

Here are some of the standards we always adhere to when writing.

Number of words 275 per page
Margin 1 inch (2.54 cm)
Font Times New Roman, 12 Pt
Citations Proper referencing according to your order

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