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55 Greatest Romeo and Juliet Essay Topics

No student isn't familiar with this writing. "Romeo and Juliet" is known by everyone, which makes a great impression on everyone. While most students like reading this book, most of them don't have the same positive feelings when being assigned to write a text. The very first difficulty every student faces is to brainstorm Romeo and Juliet essay topics.

It is not as easy as ABC to choose the most impressive topic for an essay about Romeo and Juliet. One of the central ideas that cross the mind of every student is to write about the greatest love between Romeo and Juliet. But, this is not the only topic for an essay. Your teacher won't be happy if he or she finds out that you don't think originally. Do you lack fresh ideas? Then, check the smartest ideas before you write an essay on Romeo and Juliet!

Romeo and Juliet Persuasive Essay Topics

The point of crafting a persuasive paper is to demonstrate your attitude to a certain point and prove that one's viewpoint deserves attention. You should use smart arguments to support your ideas. If you have been assigned to write a persuasive text, but you don't know what to write about, check the interesting topics below:

  1. Which character has changed more after falling in love?
  2. This play is the best tragedy of love
  3. The author wanted to show that love is always a great tragedy
  4. Do you think that this love story has anything similar to the today's reality?
  5. Is it a tragedy or a romantic story?
  6. Which character besides Romeo and Juliet do you find interesting?
  7. Do you respect the choice of young people? Support your opinion
  8. Could young people have a happy future together?
  9. W hy is Romeo and Juliet in the list of the recommended books for students?
  10. Identify three main problems in the story and explain why you think so

Romeo and Juliet Argumentative Essay Topics

A lots of people confuse persuasive and argumentative essays because they have much in common. However, there is one major distinctive feature. When writing an argumentative essay, your task is to provide arguments, but it is not necessary to persuade anybody that only your standpoint is the right one. Let your readers make conclusions on their own. Have a look at the topics and pick the best one:

  1. The play as a conflict of love and prejudice
  2. No tragedy is as sad as this one
  3. Shakespeare wasn't the real writer of the play
  4. The key idea of the play is there is no true love without sacrifices
  5. Are there strong characters in the play?
  6. Will this story continue to impress readers in 20 years?
  7. Which lesson does it have for youth?
  8. What is the right reaction to the end of the story?
  9. The most important things the author wanted to pay attention to
  10. Is there a real cause of hate between families?

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Romeo and Juliet Themes Essay Topics

  1. Why is this tragedy still so popular?
  2. The eternal theme of love and death in the play
  3. What would you do if you were Romeo?
  4. Do you like the character of Juliet?
  5. Do you consider Juliet light-minded and too young for love being 14?
  6. Does love know the age or may it happen anytime according to the author?
  7. Explain how personal feelings were changing while reading the book
  8. Is the play successful because of the tragedy?
  9. How would you continue the story if young people were alive?
  10. Was the love described just a passion or was it a serious feeling that adults have?

Romeo and Juliet Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Analyze key con flicts
  2. Do you think the families could stop fighting provided they knew their conflict would kill the kids?
  3. Provide the in-depth analysis of the relationships of the protagonists
  4. What kind of feelings do you have towards Tybalt and Mercutio?
  5. Would you recommend the future generations to read this book and why?
  6. Analyze the language used by the author
  7. Does Shakespeare use some special hooking tricks to attract the reader's attention?
  8. List the major reasons why the story is worth reading. Analy
  9. Analyze the parental relationships
  10. Do you consider the conflict of the parents worth their kids' death?

Romeo and Juliet Critical Essay Topics

  1. What hidden meaning have you found?
  2. How would you act if you were the heroine?
  3. Do you think the main characters felt real love or did the tragedy happen because of their passionate nature?
  4. Love isn't the single idea in the text
  5. Provide a critical evaluation of the behavior of specific heroes
  6. Which of characters do you like?
  7. Relationships of the main heroes and their attitude to others
  8. Do you see any changes in the heroine after meeting the hero?
  9. Does love make people better or vice versa more selfish?
  10. Was the heroine's death a stupid thing or was it meaningful?

Romeo and Juliet Essay Prompts

  1. The parents of their reputation much more than of their kids
  2. The hero loved the heroine more than anything i
  3. The heroine is depicted as a young girl who falls in love quickly and easily
  4. Describe the first meeting of the main characters
  5. Which features of Romeo do you find negative?

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