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How to Write an Expository Essay Introduction — Effective Tips and Samples

Everything that exists in our world has a beginning and an end. It is a solid fact that one needs if not to agree with, then admit. As a high school or college student, you know the main idea of every essay that resonates with this statement. Your assignments should have a starting section (introductory paragraph) and the concluding paragraph at the end. In this article, we will cast our gaze on the expository essay introduction and efficient ways to formulate it. Here, we don't neglect the fact that this part of your assignment may differ depending on what kind of essay you are going to write. It is more about certain specifics that always remain the same.

A good way to start is to familiarize ourselves with the meaning of the introductory section for any essay (and expository one, in particular). This part allows the writer to:

  • Overlook the topic
  • Explain the purpose of the essay
  • Provide the thesis statement

An effective thesis statement is a central idea related to the subject matter. You will develop, defend, and straighten it throughout the essay. In a case with an expository essay, a thesis sentence aims to shed light on your major intention and set the needed mood for the audience. To get a better insight, let's recall what the essence of that assignment is.

An expository essay is a detailed piece of writing in which you:

  • Clarify various aspects related to the focus of a research
  • Investigate and reveal insightful information on the subject
  • Perform the role of a teacher who enlightens the reader

A strong emphasis is placed on clear writing. The content should be factual, unbiased, and coherent enough to let the reader perceive the information appropriately. After all, there is a reason why it is called an expository essay writing. You expose a certain subject in different perspectives after having analyzed the correct amount of information. That means, your essay shouldn't be boring, monotonous, or lengthy as a master's thesis. The task is to make it relevant and quite precise.

The purpose of an expository introduction is to initiate or "open the curtain" on a research question by using relevant concepts and even debatable information about the topic. This way, you can obtain a stance and dwell on it for the rest of the paper.

When writing an expository assignment, an appropriate introduction is a key element of a successful paper. Hence, our guide will be centered around this issue and the best ways for you to cope with it.

Expository Essay Introduction in a Nutshell

Here, the focus will be on learning how to write an introduction for such a specific essay. One of the main characteristics of this part is that you have only one paragraph to ensure a good start. But, this section of the assignment is crucial for an overall perception of the writing. Here are some aspects to consider:

  • Define the main point of your essay. It implies stating the research questions that you will answer.
  • Give an overview of the topic. It involves providing some brief background information on the topic.
  • Inform the reader about possible means of explanations. That will be a glimpse of a body paragraph content.
  • Don't neglect thesis statements. There, you can reveal the types of focus in your essays - what is your main idea to describe/explain/inform?

Use clear language in the introduction to avoid any form of ambiguity that can make it harder to understand what your message is going to be. Even when expository essay topics are exciting, if you fail to present them, your audience won't be interested in reading. Express your ideas clearly. After all, your expository assignment is meant to clarify and not complicate the topic.

Here are several tips to help you maintain the logical organization of the text:

  1. Narrow the range of expository essay topics.
    We recommend focusing on the matters that you can investigate without sleepless nights spent over the books and Internet pages. Make sure you are able to find enough relevant information on a chosen topic. For instance, in today's technology era, topics like "What are the causes of Internet addiction?" are winning and easy to research.
  2. You may start with a rough outline.
    With it, you can make the essay well-balanced and be confident that your introduction/conclusion isn't longer than a body part. Rough outlines are also good for you to formulate ideas and topic sentences for each paragraph.
  3. Remember the hourglass
    Almost any academic writing can be compared to an hourglass. You start with broad ideas in your expository essay introduction, and the closer you get to the body paragraphs, the narrower your focus becomes.

So, the key point here is to prepare a solid ground for your assignment. Try to analyze the tips above. By the time you are assigned to prepare an expository essay introduction, you will have a clear understanding of what writing strategy will work best there.

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Expository Essay Introduction Examples

After you have learned how to write an expository introduction, it's time to deepen your competence by considering several examples. Look at the introductions below and try to understand whether they are relevant.

Example 1

The world is changing, and so the evolution of our thought on different things are. Today, people's understanding of such phenomena as success, fortune, business, and communication is much different from what they were 10 years ago. In this list, communication is the most significant point since almost everything in our life is based on it. With appropriate communication skills, we make friends easier. We tell the employer about our ideas aiming to be hired or promoted, and share thoughts, feelings, or experiences with loved ones. However, it may seem that today, real communication is depreciated due to its 24/7 availability via various online platforms. But is it true? What is the impact of social networks development on the communication skills?

This expository essay introduction focuses on the issue of online communication affecting the value of reality. That is what will be discussed in the body part.

Example 2

Have you ever wondered what the issue of climate change is all about? Is it real, or is it simply a fad? There are people who consider it a part of nature that should be accepted without all the fuss or fear. At the birth of humanity, when it could not influence the climate in any way, global cooling took place. Those were ice ages, as well as global warming that inevitably followed them. Even before the human appeared, there have been various periods of global warming and global cooling on Earth. Global warming has turned into a phantom that rules the world. So, is it a scientific or political problem?

This introduction has a relevant and burning question for its core. Such a choice is beneficial for expository writing. You can find enough information to define and analyze the issue, and your audience will definitely be interested in hearing your own ideas. The theme isn't easy, and your essay outline may look the following way:

  • Introduction
    What is the real danger of climate change?
  • Body paragraphs
    Climate change: different definitions, causes, or possible prevention methods
  • Conclusion
    Climate change and Earth's future

As always, in your introduction for an expository essay, you only explain what your writing will be about.

Final Touches

We hope you have learned much from our guide. All you need to do is to apply all those tips while writing your assignment. Are you in need of assistance in preparing your expository essay because of the time, job, or extracurricular activities? Here, you can cooperate with expert writers online! As an academic writing service, we aim to support students in achieving their educational goals and provide learners with the support they deserve. On our platform, you get access not only to custom writing but editing, formatting, and revising services as well. We are ready to offer much more than just an expository essay introduction. Have some questions, want to know more about our company, or cannot wait to make an order and forget about academic worries? Feel free to contact our support service 24/7!


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