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Expository Essay Conclusion — Strong Writing Strategies and Examples

Academic standards tell us that a good expository essay is a well-structured one. It is a general rule that the paper you write should consist of three main parts, and the concluding paragraph is one of those. There are many study guides exploring the challenge of an expository essay writing. But here, we will dwell on an essay conclusion and its features. The way you finish an assignment impacts your grade the most since the last paragraph shows the completeness and coherence of your work as well as your own competence and skills. After reading this article, you will be able to:

  • Formulate an effective conclusion for expository essay
  • Choose the most appropriate concluding strategy
  • Leave your reader with a good impression about your assignment
  • Make your final telling impeccable and sound

Also, we will go through several expository essay conclusion examples and cover the issue of an outline. That way, you will understand how to organize your writing and approach the final thought logically.

An expository assignment is one of the main academic types of papers, where the writer reveals information about the subject through the study of different data sources. Then, you have to pick relevant information and give the audience an opportunity to boost their knowledge on a chosen issue. Look through some ideas that students tend to discuss in their expository assignments:

  • Uniforms at school as a method to boost the discipline
  • Social standards and weight: how it affects people
  • What is motivation, and why do we lose it so frequently?
  • The issue of workplace organization and your productivity
  • The impact of diverse music genres on representatives of different social groups

The range is much wider - it all depends on your study, interests, and even courage.

As for your conclusion paragraph for an expository essay, it usually reminds the reader of the ideas discussed and reinforces your main point. It also affects the impression that the audience has about your writing. Therefore, you shouldn't neglect it if your aim is to come up with a top-notch assignment. In the next sections, you will get deeper insights on how to prepare an expository concluding paragraph and meet all its requirements.

Expository Essay Conclusion Writing Guide

It's quite common for students to have a general idea of what a conclusion is - an end to what you've written. But things can get pretty difficult when it comes to actual writing. How should a concluding paragraph look like to meet the professor's expectations? Should it be a simple overview of a previous text or motivate your audience? Regardless of the type, there is one important feature of a strong essay conclusion: it must contain the central idea. But we are talking about expository writing, and here, you need to sum up everything discussed in previous paragraphs. That frequently becomes a challenge. You have exposed the issue in different perspectives, but what is the final thought? Many students face difficulties since the expository assignment is not about convincing the reader ar arguing a statement. Here, you just collect the relevant information and organize it in a way that will help the audience boost their awareness about a phenomenon or idea. So, what to talk about in the end? Is it possible to express your own thoughts?

In your closing sentence, the simplest strategy is to restate the thesis and leave the reader with something to think about based on the discussion you've developed in previous sections. We recommend not to use the same words and expressions as at the beginning of the essay, but be careful and avoid coming up with new ideas.

Now, let's take a look at ways to create the concluding paragraph of your expository writing. Everything starts with a clear plan. Even a conclusion, the length of which is usually shorter than that of a body paragraph or an introduction, can have a structure. There, you can see how well your final thoughts are organized. That is an outline, and we would like to focus on that issue more thoroughly.

Conclusion Outline Tips for Expository Essay

Some students make an outline when writing is fully developed. Sometimes, that element is also assessed by a professor, and that requires thoughtful outlining. Or, one may just want to make sure their essay has a relevant structure and express a coherent message. Here is what you can do while preparing sich an outline:

  • Consider the impression you want the audience to have while reading your conclusion
  • Think about whether you've discussed everything important for proper exposure on the topic
  • Choose the purpose of the end section: inspire the reader, make a statement, find the best definition, etc.
  • Check whether the length of your last paragraph doesn't ruin the compliance with the word count requirements

Here, we want you to look through this simple template of an expository conclusion outline:

  1. Mention that relevant question about the subject you asked at the beginning.
  2. Recall the aspects of the topic matter you've explored in your essay body.
  3. Formulate the main idea that will be a logical result of your explanations.
  4. State the final thought - it can be your own perception of the subject or a question for the audience to consider.

And, here is this template applied to a real conclusion example (let's take the essay about the dependence of our health on our financial status):

  1. So, what is an interconnection between our financial status and mental health?
  2. Paying utilities when we've worked hard a whole month may make us feel blue, while an expensive chocolate bar that we can afford after a payday can lift our spirits.
  3. After studying several sources, it's hard to challenge that idea - at the very least, money may help us feel solid grounds underfoot, and that leads to mental stability and a peaceful state of mind.
  4. But, everything depends on your view on life. And, even if you don't enjoy the jangling of coins in your pocket, there may be something else that makes you feel great.

We would like to mention that this template may have some changes depending on your intention and requirements.

When creating the concluding paragraph, it's important to ensure you are focused on one central purpose and don't add any new information. That can confuse you, ruin the logic of narration, and create a bad impression. If you have any doubts about how to organize this important part of an expository assignment, you can try several different outlines to figure out what works best for you.

Below, there are several strategies for writing an expository conclusion. We've chosen some of the most discussed topics and prepared a particular end part for each of them. You can use our conclusion example and developed it if you have something else to say. Or, it may inspire you to write an original final paragraph.

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Example 1 - Climate Change

Now, are you still wondering what the issue of climate change is all about? Is it real, or is it simply a fad? A lot of ideas and theories have been covered above on the topic of climate change, and those two questions have been answered. We are experiencing the consequences of climate change today, and there's nothing to laugh about. It's clear that this issue is burning on many levels. But all this fight against climate change isn't as harmless as we might think. A lot of funds are already being spent on this issue around the world, and governments of different countries declare the need to waste even more of those. It might be much more reasonable to spend that money both on reducing social inequality in developed countries and on a real fight against the effects of climate change - strengthening the coastline, long-term protection from hurricanes or floods, etc.

Example 2 - The Role of Literature

The experience of writers helps us not only understand our place in society or choose a life path but support us in everyday life when we solve many social problems and conflicts. There's a good chance every issue we face has been already described in different literary works. Our task is to perceive the writers' experience and be able to operate it for making our own everyday resolutions. Indeed, turning to the literature of any kind, we can save a lot of our personal time and learn to comprehend human characters and fates. By studying literature, we experience life.

Example 3 - Catching a Liar

Each of us has their own choice about what position to obtain in life. If we choose suspicion, it won't bring much pleasure, but we won't allow others to trick ourselves after all. If we focus on trusting others, life will be much carefree, but we ourselves will be deceived more frequently. So, we shouldn't lose our vigilance when it's needed. And, of course, when it comes to relationships with family and friends, it is much easier to be trustful and not try to look for deception in every word we hear.

Example 4 - Problems of Modern Society

The modern world is developing rapidly, providing people with various opportunities. But, along with society, many problems have arisen. With the advent of machines and factories, nature began to die, and today, many people are suffering from unknown diseases. Then, there was an advent of smartphones and the Internet. The people got lost in the Web and forgot how to live a real life. There are also many issues that society faces due to financial pressures and defaults. It is probably the most important problem of today because money has always been the main cause of many conflicts and problems with our well-being. Society has always had challenges. And, with the development occurring around, we must try hard to stay afloat. For that, we need a clear mind and a strong feel of responsibility.

Keep in mind that when you write a conclusion for an essay with an expository purpose, the aim is not to impress the audience with exciting facts. Your task is to help them understand the concept, idea, or issue by investigating it yourself.

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