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Write a Great Case Study with Our Writing Guide

Anyone related to marketing, business, or social sciences unequivocally knows about case studies. If it sounds unfamiliar, but you still need to find out what it means, we will help you.

The first thing you should know is that there are two types of case studies - business and academic. For students, their case studies are usually a highly specialized assignment that facilitates skills necessary for their future career.

A commercial way to use a case study method would be creating a report that is built on solid facts, statistics, and media content that explains how one can solve the problems of the client or customer. This article will focus on the academic side of it.

Case research is a brilliant way to illustrate the effectiveness of a company, its particular strategy, or its product. It can also show your scientific potential and proficiency within a subject matter.

A case study is no ordinary essay. There should be no wordy or meaningless phrases, and it should be well-grounded. Writers must go an extra mile by including and applying only real allegations and data and adding media or graphics for better ostension.

Choose a Subject for Research

It is not just the first tip on the list. It is the most meaningful part of creating a case study landing. One of the most typical reasons for failing to write this task correctly is a weak foundation, which means you will fail before you have even begun searching for the information you need. That is why you have to concentrate on the contemporary market or science situation and its development. The best way to avoid inappropriate subjects is to use these tips.

  • The issue must not be in process.
  • The author can't base their case research on unproven information, an unfinished survey, or fictional data.
  • The info you use must come from a credible source and be definitive.
  • Write about something your ideal customer can relate to. For this, define your target audience. When you figure it out, you will understand the requirements of the customer's interest, which will make your results better.
  • If the case you want to focus on in your study isn't finished - i.e., an experiment is still in process, your company of choice is trying to resolve its issues at the time you want to examine those, the participants are bound by NDA's, etc. - choose something else.

Identify the Language

By doing so, you will know where to share your research and who will want to read it. Using interactivity tools in your case study will allow you to make it consecutive and structured. As an example, text format might be posted on the website and get published on Twitter, and you can pin a table or diagram on Pinterest, and a video case study on a YouTube channel.

Written case studies can be duly transformed into a PDF for downloading or published like an article on a website. But, sometimes just text is not enough to show the main aspects and logic of your case study.

The information is usually perceived better if it's presented in a visual form. When it comes to writing a case study, the author can use vertical infographics, diagrams, and similar. A video case study interview is appropriate when you can organize a meeting or shoot it on camera.

Build a Detailed Plan

Preparing a plan is always a good idea, especially when you want to write consistently and get everything done by the deadline. This is a way for your team or you to outline every objective and achieve them methodically.

To start planning, you can use a variety of smartphone apps or just regular stationery. To keep your attention undivided, pin the printed or written plan to the wall in front of your workplace. Identify any obstructions that may disrupt your work and research flow. Determine which other plans or parts of your daily schedule you can put aside for some time while writing your case study.

To organize your time, you can make a detailed schedule for every day, specifying when and how long you should write. It will help you avoid stressing out, overworking, or wasting time. You need to have a diary of your daily activities and separate them into "chapters." Make an outline of your schedule and dedicate an equal portion of time for each activity. Don't forget that there are other sections of a plan in your template - use them all.

As for the case study itself, a detailed plan means you should indicate the main paragraphs and divide them into smaller chapters. They have to be consistent and logical.

Answer the Right Questions

For a business case study, first, you need to determine what the questionnaire will be like. These study sample questions might help you understand the purpose of your research.

  • What problem or goal your client wants help with?
  • In which way can this problem be solved?
  • Have you uncovered some additional questions to pose during your work?
  • Is the problem fixed or there is a demand to try again?
  • Did you get any comments or reviews from the participants?

For an academic case study, you will need to find a different approach. You will probably have to rely more on marketing or sociological sources. Make sure to use scientific articles written by trustworthy authors.

Get Your Draft Ready

If all previous points of our plan are accomplished, you can relax and take your time because the hardest part is over. Just kidding, you are not every halfway through! But, if you use these guidelines, the next part will become a little bit easier.

  • There are other ideas on how to describe your situation and make it easy-to-understand. When telling the whole story in details, generate theses or questions. For instance, a CCG company working in IT field for five years still has a small clientele compared to some young companies on the market. The marketing manager stated that "notwithstanding they follow all business benchmarks, the level of the customer flow is still low." Questions might include: Are the CCG company products or services inferior to other companies? What seems to be the main issue?
  • Give an authoritative background of the problem and explain why it is such. You should not express your opinion, but it is allowed to include quotes of employees. Also, videos, audio, case study interviews, and tables can help you support your claims.
  • A comprehensive solution is a place for your thoughts and arguments. Proper targeted research will show your client or customer that you went all the way from the problem's source to the solution. It should not leave the reader puzzled but rather have them know what to do.

While creating a case study, you need to remember that your text should make people literally call you. Analogies, metaphors, and power words are just another answer for the client to perceive your information as true when it is associated with things they already know. Never leave the specific research or your interview without examples. You can describe some features of the solved problem and include them in other sections of the study. It also will help your reader feel like you're speaking about the case they're trying to solve. The feedback and testimonials are also needed to show your work is productive.

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Edit and Make It Easy to Understand

Coming up with the right visuals for your case study is crucial for your business and clients. It will show your company's prestige and how professional you are.

This tip is related to the manners of telling. It will look better if you use all kind of visual tools including videos and infographics. Of course, all this content must be closely related to your case study topic. Use titles, subtitles, and lists to make your research structured and easy to read. Combine and create!

If you need to craft a written case study and publish it as a website post, you should attach a printable and downloadable PDF file. It is also good to include a full comment, with the person's name, job rank, and the photo. It will be a perfect example of your successful work with real clients.

Share the Full Story in Your Specific Study

Case studies are created to share a problem that has been solved. That is why a compelling and logical conclusion is required. It must tell the story step by step, structuring it in the mind of the reader and following the case study format.

Your case studies should not create more questions for a customer and make them analyze the situation more. Conversely, such research is needed to demonstrate that your product or service is effective.

Such positive feedback will look amazing on the landing pages of your site! [Customer name] says, "The reason I write this comment is the great skill of the sales team! They turn troubles into opportunities and cope with each question separately, one at a time."

Use Only Real Facts and Numbers

Don't use words like "doubled," "improve," "increase," "upgrade," or "elevate" for another quiz in the head of the reader. Case study writers use exact figures and data like "from 10% to 20%" or "20 000 to 30 000." It is better to show these numbers in tables, diagrams, infographics, or even a PowerPoint presentation. If you decide to make a report-like case study with formulas and numbers, you must not forget about those readers that might not have the necessary background to comprehend everything. They can also need some additional explanations of the terms you used.

Why this works? This way, the reader will be able to easily follow the results and outcomes of your case study.

Final Editing

Experienced authors might already have case study samples they wrote with a unique design for sections of the article or even a team of editors and designers that can help.

But, if you are doing it for the first time and don't possess a lot of resources at your disposal, make sure you pay attention to the general formatting of your text (the size and style of the font, use the fonts which are more appropriate for business or academic writing, divide your text into paragraphs and chapters, consider both logic and aesthetics, accentuate essential words, include numbered and bulleted lists).

Place your supporting media content like tables, infographics, and video in the right places. Don't put a concluding infographic in the middle of the problem description. Ascertain that video, audio, links, or attached PDF documents are working.

Publish and Promote

When every point of your plan is complete, it is time to publish your case research. As it was said previously, different formats of a case study should be released on different platforms. YouTube for video content, Facebook for articles and Twitter for threads, infographics and diagrams on Pinterest, and audio on Simplecast (just a suggestion). But the perfect solution is to publish and promote it on your website. It is convenient for a few reasons:

  • Makes it easier to find something on your website.
  • The testimonials and feedback pages are accessible.
  • Gives the ability to combine all media content on one platform.

Writing a case study may seem boring and exhausting. You are not wrong!

But it is also rewarding. When you spend hours on research and writing and then receive an amazingly crafted and perfectly structured paper - nothing can compare to that feeling! Getting an "A" in this case isn't a surprise, it's an expected reward for all your hard work.

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