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Improve Your Essay Writing Skills — Best Ways to Boost Your Writings

It doesn't matter if you're a first-year student or one waiting for the university graduation. We bet you (already) know that academic success requires a lot. It begins with diligently written lectures and a pile of books you've read and ends with the importance of healthy lifestyle habits and participating in various extracurricular activities. And, of course, writing skills are among those you need to develop for keeping up with studies. During school years, every student deals with a lot of different assignments, and many of those make you take a pen and write a never-ending amount of words. There are projects with specific purposes and requirements. Ones make you spend all night searching for an article important for an essay, and others need to be done in one night, which makes everything even more challenging. The strategy is simple — a learner has to choose between working on their skills and knowledge and neglecting studies for the sake of doubtful and unknown future. Of course, the majority chooses the first option.

Even if you are a diligent student who never skips classes, used to submit everything in time, and learns all the materials thoroughly, sooner or later, a need for the new wins and you start thinking of how to develop the academic essay writing skills. There is no limit to perfection, right? However, this process is rather time-consuming; it requires a lot of efforts and self-discipline. Even the best writers frequently feel a block that doesn't let creators to express their thoughts and ideas as they would like to. But, to make this work much easier for you, we have prepared the tips on how to improve your writing skills and make your professor satisfied with every submitted assignment.

Writing Process — The Tips to Remember

The question is — what to do if you want to be good at writing and come up with better essays? Today, you may find a range of different articles and recommendations on the Internet, and every other platform says, "Sign up today and get your personal skill-improving guide for free!" But the matter is that there's nothing complicated about working on your written assignments on a regular basis and boosting the essay experience. Here, we want to show that you don't have to get online courses to be good at academic papers. All you need is to consider those aspects that make up an ordinary assignment.

When working on your essay, compare this process with cooking. If you wish to come up with your own original recipe, you have to try mixing various ingredients and taste them. This way, sooner or later, you will discover which types of food taste well together. That is what you call a chef dish. Same goes with an academic essay: one has to combine different words and ideas to see which of them work best. For example, which words should be used in titles or headlines to grab the reader's attention? It's OK if you don't succeed immediately, and the professor still finds a lot of mistakes in your projects. Even in the internet content marketing, knowledge and experience are gained through the trials and efforts.

Of course, one of the best tips on writing is to study different texts, compare them, and analyze which strategies and words are appropriate, and what things are better to avoid. But, we have prepared a few simple suggestions for you to work on the essays efficiently.

  • Find out how to formulate sentences that work. A relevant phrase makes the audience be engaged by the text from the very beginning.
  • Communicate with the readers by asking questions, recalling quotes, joking, etc. Those are the hooks that help people resonate with the text.
  • Develop a coherent narration through the outline. Always have your main ideas as a core of the essay and don't overdo with "What I'm trying to say is...". There's always only one thesis statement.
  • Provide real-life examples for more reliable and close-to-the-people text.
  • Watch the vocabulary — avoid bland phrases, pick appropriate words, don't neglect terms if that's formal or scientific content.
  • Include keywords related to your topic. That will show your competence in a subject matter.
  • Add transition words for the logical flow of thoughts and build bridges between different parts of your essay.
  • Play with your voice and manner (e.g., switch punctuation or add a dynamic rhythm).

The next step toward success is to make these recommendations your writing habits.

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Extra Tips to Try

The theory is never as effective as practice when it comes to studying. No matter how many video lessons you watch or how many texts you read — you will not improve the essay writing skills without starting to write papers. At the initial stage, it is a good idea to ask someone experienced to revise your works and offer improvements. Be ready to write extra pages at the beginning, because practice is what matters.

Here are some other tips you can try for writing an effective paper.

  • Speak boldly for readers to believe you.
  • Dedicate time to your papers and make sure nothing distracts you.
  • Try running your own blog and post weekly to make writing a habit.
  • Proofread and edit the finished text in several rounds to eliminate any mistakes.

These steps help to produce more coherent and relevant content. What you should realize is that academic essay writing skills are different from, for instance, business or technical ones. It's about being more creative in demonstrating your knowledge of the subject. Get acquainted with the writing standards of your school to know the requirements to meet. We hope reading this article will come in handy — keep it up, and you'll succeed!


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