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The 70 Most Impressive Beowulf Essay Topics for Students

Students are often assigned to write an essay on Beowulf. Teachers not always assign a specific topic allowing students to choose among a large number of Beowulf essay topics on their own. To pick the best topic, it is necessary to read the most significant Anglo-Saxon poetry work, the poem about Beowulf, very carefully. This work, which is probably based on ancient epic songs, came to us in more or less complete form in a single manuscript written at the beginning of the 10th century.

The poem (approximately 3,000 verses) consists of two parts, interconnected only by the personality of the main character Beowulf. The development of the central theme is interrupted by a series of false episodes in both parts. These episodes, however, are essential for clarifying the origin of the poem, the time of its origin, and so on. If you have read Beowulf but find it difficult to choose the best topic, check the list of the best essay topics for Beowulf that definitely deserve an A-grade.

Beowulf Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. Describe Grendel as a character
  2. Which impression have you had after reading Beowulf?
  3. What are the main features of Beowulf which you consider positive?
  4. Tell about Skilled Skipping, the legendary ancestor of the Danish kings
  5. "Poem about Beowulf" is an extremely complex composition
  6. Beowulf is undoubtedly a monument of late origin
  7. Beowulf is a hero
  8. Do you like Beowulf or not? Describe the positive or negative traits of the character and behavior you like or dislike
  9. Beowulf is the only Anglo-Saxon monument of its kind
  10. Describe the central episodes of the first part of the poem

Beowulf Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Analyze the battles of Beowulf with Grendel and his mother
  2. Find some parallels between Beowulf and the folktales
  3. Beowulf is not a historical person, but in the poem, one can find echoes of actual historical events. Which events?
  4. Analyze the language techniques used by the author. Find the poetic techniques ( synonyms, metaphors, indirect speech instead of direct, etc.)
  5. What is the main idea of the story?
  6. What makes it a masterpiece?
  7. People as the images of a stormy sea, sea monsters, a fire-breathing dragon
  8. Find the parallelism, characteristic of epic monuments
  9. Analyze the role of the description of England and Scandinavia
  10. What is the distinctive feature of the Beowulf poem?

Beowulf Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Compare the Beowulf movie and the book
  2. Good vs. Evil concepts in Beowulf
  3. Choose two main characters and compare their behavior
  4. Which character do you like most and why?
  5. Beowulf vs Grendel
  6. Compare Beowulf and some other poems of the same epoch
  7. Choose two female characters and compare them
  8. Sir Gawain and Beowulf
  9. Compare Beowulf to another famous hero
  10. Compare poetic devices used in Beowulf and another story about an epic hero

Good vs Evil Beowulf Essay Topics

  1. Identify the good and bad traits of the main character
  2. Write about Beowulf and Grendel
  3. Who represents "good" and "evil" in the story?
  4. Do you think that Grendel doesn't have anything good?
  5. What is the reason for the conflict between good and evil?
  6. Do you believe that good always wins?
  7. What is evil for you? Provide examples from the summary of Beowulf
  8. Oppose Beowulf to some hero presented as evil in another well-known epic
  9. Tell about the good deeds of Beowulf
  10. Do you consider Beowulf a real hero? Explain your attitude to the main character

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Beowulf vs Grendel Essay Topics

  1. Grendel is an ancestor of Cain. Do they really have much in common?
  2. Which language devices does the author use to show us the fight between Beowulf and Grendel?
  3. Why did Beowulf want to defend the king?
  4. How does the author describe battles with Grendel?
  5. Which battles did Beowulf have, besides the one with Grendel?
  6. Which battle: with Grendel or Grendel's mother impressed you most?
  7. Is the wish of Beowulf to fight Grendel the sign of great braveness?
  8. Describe the whole life of Grendel
  9. What did the author want to say when depicting the monster?
  10. Which associations do you have with Grendel?

Critical Essay about Beowulf: Topics

  1. Do you consider the story about Beowulf useful for students to read?
  2. What is the main idea of the story?
  3. Do you find the story impressive?
  4. Give the examples of language devices used by the writer with the aim to make a powerful impression
  5. Criticize the style of the story
  6. Find the lines that prove that Beowulf is a person with good self-confidence
  7. What differs this story from others?
  8. What is the message of Beowulf?
  9. Which scenes will you always remember and what makes them special?
  10. Which associations with Beowulf do you have when reading? Does the character pass any stages of self-development?

Beowulf Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Provide arguments that Beowulf is a strong personality
  2. Prove that this story is worth reading
  3. Choose some scene and provide arguments why it is important for the understanding of the story
  4. Tell how the author depicts three battles of Beowulf
  5. Are battles with the dragon and the monster different?
  6. What are the common features of all three battles depicted by the author?
  7. Why does Grendel decide to attack Herot?
  8. Does the death of Grendel mean that evil never wins?
  9. Has Beowulf killed Grendel because he wanted to save people or just to show his strength and braveness?
  10. Can Beowulf be an example for youth demonstrating an ability to help and defend those who need this?

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