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Argumentative Essay Writing Tips — Your Great Guide with Examples

Argumentative essays are common assignments for students of various academic levels from high school to university. For somebody, it's not a big deal, whereas, for others, it is a challenge.

The purpose of our guidelines is to make the writing process easier. We want to provide some argumentative essay tips for you to deal with this task most effectively, but before we continue, let's determine what the argumentative paper is about. Like any other school project, knowing your theory is a solid basis for success. Hence, the understanding of what you're expected to do will help to master writing this type of paper and avoid confusing it with similar essays.

In the argumentative essay, the writer adopts a stance on an issue and attempts to persuade the reader of its viability by using only valid, logical, and compelling evidence. However, this is not a story about proving that your standpoint is the only right one. The objective is to establish the idea's validity and make the reader consider it. To do so, you have to research the prompt (topic) and provide enough evidence supporting your stance and tactfully countering the opposing views.

In the context of this assignment, there is an issue of many students mixing it with a persuasive one. Well, here is the answer: they are not the same. Yes, a persuasive, as well as an argumentative one, is writing where you discuss and support your statement, but the final results of these assignments are poles apart. Despite looking alike, they do possess features and abide by standards that you should take into account. If you thought these are hard to distinguish, now you'll learn what their main points of difference are. Let's just take a look at the table below - it can be very helpful for writing argumentative and persuasive essays.

Point of difference

Argumentative essay

Persuasive essay

The first thing to do

After choosing a topic, learn more about it to take your own stance.

Choose a topic first. Then, take a stance.

Primary goal

Convince the reader to analyze and accept the validity of your viewpoint.

Convince the reader to accept your stance.

The tone of writing

Has a less forceful or assertive style, striving only to accept the validity of the stance taken.

May be more assertive, coercive, or forceful to achieve the intended goal.

Writing techniques

  1. Rooted in facts.

  2. Typically supports a claim with evidence.

  3. More balanced by the opposing view, even if the writer's point is known.

  4. Can provide a comparison of ideas.

  1. Emotionally charged.

  2. May put forward a claim without supporting evidence.

  3. One-sided due to presenting only one side of the argument, which is that of the writer.

  4. Only cites ideas that support the writer's stance.

The Structure

The structure of your writing may change depending on the assignment's requirements and specifics. But, that is the aspect that you do have to consider. In the academic world, the majority of writing projects have intro, body, and conclusion. But in the case of an argumentative project, the content of each part plays a vital role, and there are several features to remember.

  • Argumentative essay introduction
    Write something about the subject to provide more background knowledge or facts that can be helpful. In your first paragraph, write a thesis statement. A college paper cannot be graded well until there is a well-formulated idea - the writer's main intention. In such assignments, it's a stance you will develop and support throughout the writing.
  • The body of your essay
    This section is where you present critical reasoning for the statement made. The point here is to work on backing your idea with relevant facts showing the reasons to consider your viewpoint.
  • Argumentative conclusion
    How can we finish such an essay? Keep in mind that the purpose here isn't to persuade the audience but provoke some ideas related to your statement in their minds. In your conclusion, summing everything up can be just fine.

When the structure is recalled, it's time to answer the main question, "What are the tips for a good argumentative assignment?"

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Argumentative Essay Writing Tips

It could be difficult for many students without extensive writing experience to remember numerous rules they are expected to follow when dealing with argumentative essays. Hence, the tips offered here are not only guidelines but also as a quick reference tool to use during and upon completion of the writing.

  • How do I start an essay with an argument?
    Your answer to that question is simple - pick the topic first. Since the focus here is on the argument, try to choose a subject that can provoke different ideas in people's minds. To understand the central issue of your argument, gain sufficient knowledge of the subject area. For a solid argumentative paper, it is expected to have a clear and original idea concerning the topic. For instance, an argumentative essay on the color of the sky will hardly develop any discussion or let you formulate an intriguing thesis statement. But, if you choose to write about how social media affects our lives, things will go appropriately. So here, you must study the topic first, and only then, you will be able to formulate a stance.
  • What question is your thesis statement about?
    As it was said, the primary statement should be supported throughout the whole assignment. For that, you need to formulate it clearly and be sure that you completely agree with it. Otherwise, it will be challenging to genuinely back your own viewpoint and emphasize its validity. This way, your question can be focused on the influence of the Internet and incline toward its good or bad aspects.
  • What are the features of an argument essay body?
    You will have three (or more) sections in your main part. Here, we would like you to consider the ways used to support the legitimacy of your position. No one will believe such words as "because I think" or "I know someone who did that." Here, you need to research thoroughly and ensure your thesis can be supported by trusted sources. That can be done with the help of not only your own experience but such things as relevant real-life examples, statistics, reports, etc. For compelling narration, consider using psychological factors to make the audience resonate with different ideas. Each paragraph should introduce a key point that supports the validity of your claim.
  • What are the ways to refine the test?
    Avoid repeating ideas or sentences word for word (verbatim). That will bore the reader and make you a student who lacks literary flexibility. While working on this specific essay, don't try to convince the audience that any view that differs from yours is incorrect. Here, the task is to turn the attention to a particular problem and share a conviction. To make the overall narration eloquent, you can address the reader directly.
  • Are there any tips for a conclusion in such writing?
    The conclusion should be an extension of your main paragraphs or ideas contained therein. Don't write too many long sentences in a bid to reiterate the key points - you don't have to include all the concepts discussed. An effective strategy here is to recall the thesis statement - you may rewrite the question and straighten its importance. At this stage, the reader should already know that your stance is relevant and deserves attention, so, that is a good way to complete the circle.

These are the major points that can have a dramatic impact on the success of your argument writing. As always, the keys are diligence, thoughtful research, and competence in a subject. The best way to try all those argumentative essay tips we've reviewed is to write your own assignment. In doing so, you will easily see what your weak spots are and work on improving them. However, if you find yourself in a situation where there's no time to deal with college assignments, we have good news for you! Every student can use professional writing services offered on our platform to get nothing less than a top-notch essay meeting all your requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now!


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