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The Greatest Research Paper Topics for Middle School

Schoolchildren are assigned to compose research papers since they study at the middle school. Writing a research paper is a tiresome process requiring to hit the books and provide an in-depth analysis of the information sources. In order to write an A-grade paper, you need to look through the best research writing topics for middle school and choose the one that suits you best.

First, students think that the selection of a topic for an essay is a piece of cake. However, it is not! If you want to save much time and get the greatest topic ever, pay attention to the research topics for middle school students presented below.

Middle School Research Project Topics

  1. Discuss the times of Salem witches
  2. What is the best invention of the XXI century?
  3. Write about the well-known person and his or her achievements
  4. Why did dinosaurs disappear?
  5. Explain why people need to sleep at night
  6. How does the lack of sleep influence the brain activity?
  7. Write how to manage time effectively
  8. How to avoid conflicts in the family?
  9. The most effective methods to get rid of harmful habits forever
  10. Which negative consequences does smoking have on human health?

Math Research Topics for Middle School

  1. Write about the person who has contributed to math the most
  2. Choose the discovery of the famous mathematician and tell about its benefits
  3. How can one apply math to solve everyday problems?
  4. Why is it important to learn Math at school?
  5. The most effective way to conduct research in Mathematics

Science Research Paper Topics for Middle School

  1. Evolution of a human being
  2. How do animals and people differ?
  3. Which science knowledge is the most useful for the everyday life?
  4. How to kill microbes without drugs?
  5. How can economics influence science development?

History Research Topics Middle School

  1. Tell about the most influential person in the history of your country
  2. Who do you want to look like?
  3. Write about the wars with the participation of Napoleon
  4. Why did people prefer battles to a conversation?
  5. Which historical battle was the most pointless?

Civil War Research Topics Middle School

  1. What was the main goal of the Civil War?
  2. Write about all events that took place during the war in the chronological order
  3. Choose one battle and analyze its motives
  4. Write about people who contributed to the victory
  5. Civil War causes

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Research Paper Topics by Other Category

  1. What is the role of parents in an individual's development?
  2. Is it necessary to graduate from a college to become well-educated?
  3. What is the main reason why people may become cruel?
  4. How to improve writing skills?
  5. How can everyone contribute to the solution of environmental problems?
  6. Why does every person want to create his or her own family?
  7. Is it safe to buy things online? How to protect yourself from the theft of your personal information?
  8. Should medicine be free for everyone everywhere?
  9. Is it possible to decrease the level of unemployment?
  10. The best ways to motivate people to go in for sports

Fun Research Topics for Middle School

  1. Why do dogs hate cats?
  2. Why do people get crazy without their smartphones?
  3. Why do some people eat the food of their pets?
  4. The best methods to turn a bad memory into a good one
  5. Why do dogs look similar to their owners?
  6. Should parents punish kids for bad marks?
  7. How to persuade mom to buy what you want?
  8. What would happen to a cat if it drinks a bottle of Coca-Cola?
  9. Why are mice faster than cats?
  10. Where to find a magic wand to make your dreams come true?

Good Research Topics for Middle School

  1. Which three inventions are the most important for modern people?
  2. How to avoid conflicts with the people you love?
  3. The most effective ways to save money
  4. The stages of self-development
  5. How not to become a computer-addict?
  6. Pick a famous movie and tell how it was created
  7. How to become successful in life?
  8. What is the secret of people who have everything under control?
  9. How will our planet change in 10 years?
  10. How to provide people in poor countries with drinking water?

Interesting Research Topics for Middle School

  1. What is the best way to prove parents you aren't a child anymore and can make decisions on your own?
  2. Does the wrong way of life have negative consequences?
  3. The laws that must be approved to prevent crimes
  4. How to motivate people to read more?
  5. What is the role of the society for the development of a personality
  6. Should moms go to work or stay at home taking care of kids?
  7. How to become independent of parents as early as possible?
  8. Using your writing skills to earn money
  9. How to compose papers before the deadline?
  10. Brainstorm ideas on how to become the teacher's pet

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