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Problem Solution Essay Topics for Every Taste

Sometimes, the tutors do not assign specific problem solution essay topics to their students. The point is they wish to check not only their writing & research skills but the ability to choose good ideas on their own. Your grade partially depends on how relevant, informative, and up-to-date the topic is.

So, what are good problem solution essay topics? You will find the answer as well as valuable essay writing tips below.

Even though we share the best topic ideas in this post, you should realize that not all of them are equally good for various academic levels. Under "academic level" we mean different stages of school, college, and university.

Problem and Solution Essay Topics for Middle School

Middle school is, perhaps, the best time of your life. You're no longer a baby, but, still, you're not that responsible as high school or college students. That is why the topics you should cover in your papers should not be somewhat complicated, maybe even a bit fun. At the same time, nobody is holding your hand each step you make, so you have some freedom of choice. Just use your imagination! This problem solution essay topics list for middle school will give you a hint!

  1. Finding out whether someone likes you or not
  2. Steps to take in order to resist school bullies
  3. Remaining safe in a hurricane
  4. Things to do if you cannot solve your math problems
  5. Supporting a close friend whose favorite pet has died
  6. Surviving a day at your granny's
  7. How to keep in touch with your best friend after moving to a different location
  8. Getting ready for the trip abroad
  9. Ideas to convince your family that you're ready to go to the party alone
  10. Tips to safeguard the boy's possessions when the younger sister has to sleep in his bedroom
  11. Ways to train yourself to always tell the truth
  12. Coping strategies to adopt before a significant examination
  13. Ways to show a person that you love them
  14. Actions to take if the parents decide to divorce
  15. Doing homework without any access to the Internet
  16. Trying to get everything you want for Christmas
  17. How to persuade your classmates that you're the leader
  18. Missing school because you're sick and catching up on your studies
  19. Methods to watch the episode of the show you like when you missed it for some reason
  20. Learning to swim in the pool

Problem Solution Essay Topics for High School

It's getting a bit more complicated to choose topics for high school writing. A high school period is the most challenging one as students have to overcome many obstacles on their way to independence and college. You should pick a bit more complicated problem solution essay topics ideas to show that you are competent enough in the chosen field of study. Try to pick a topic where you can show that you possess the necessary vocabulary to cover the issue in full.

  1. Ways to overcome panic attacks
  2. The ways trade policies impact the economies of certain regions of the world
  3. The causes and effects of the increase in immigration rates
  4. The end of the war on drugs: is it the most effective solution to problems that modern teens have?
  5. Surveillance cameras: who has a right to penetrate the private lives of others?
  6. Making a city bicycle-friendly
  7. Teen pregnancy: things that lead to early pregnancy and ways to prevent young couples from having a baby before they are ready
  8. Problems caused by cyberbullying and effective methods to reduce it in society
  9. Steps to take in order to decrease the levels of water pollution around the globe
  10. The issue of verbal violence as a type of bullying: how to solve cases with mental health after being bullied
  11. The threats and possible consequences of online or so-called "blind" dating
  12. Rape prevention education at schools
  13. Anxiety disorder: defining its symptoms and causes to find proper treatment
  14. Drinking while driving: measures to take to reduce the number of drunk drivers on the roads of the United States
  15. Is gun control the best solution to the problems associated with mass murders?
  16. Teen obesity in the United States under the loop: effective, time-tested methods to prevent kids from going fat
  17. Legalization of gay marriage
  18. Racial discrimination in high schools
  19. The problem of increasing traffic jams in New York
  20. How to stop academic cheating

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Problem Solution Essay Topics for College

It's getting hot in here - we're coming close to the most challenging problem and solution essay topics as they are for college. These ideas are also great for students who study at the university. It's about handling complex issues that require several steps and approaches to solving them.

  1. Measures to take to win the war against drugs
  2. Regulations that would help to minimize the usage of alcohol beverages among the population
  3. Undocumented/illegal immigration: do such people who make it across the board illegally have to be deported or excused?
  4. The role mental health care professionals play in the acts of terrorism when it comes to helping its victims
  5. Ways to prevent mass shootings in high schools and colleges
  6. Solving the problem of anorexia nervosa; how to make young adolescents eat enough and do it healthily
  7. Measures against hackers: personal data security
  8. Ways that can help to make rehabilitated criminals active members of the community
  9. Steps the governments should take to destroy the pornography industry
  10. The role FBI and military can play in solving issues with human trafficking
  11. Reducing the unemployment in the specific districts of Southern Africa
  12. Treating depression with a healthy lifestyle
  13. A one-child policy as the perfect solution to overpopulation
  14. Veganism as a method to decrease the number of animal sacrifices
  15. The images of non-retouched celebrities to stop young adolescents hating their faces or bodies
  16. Freelance jobs that help to lower unemployment rates
  17. Social networks used to inform the public about various social issues
  18. Volunteering or becoming a more dedicated citizen
  19. Improving health rates by banning pesticides
  20. Psychological help as the means to finish domestic violence

Writing a Problem Solution Essay

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