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65 Globalization Research Topics for You to Choose from

Almost every day students are given a task to write some specific assignment and essays, in particular. There are many types of essays, among which a research essay is one of the most difficult. That is due to the fact that it requires a lot of time to conduct the thorough research. The very first stumbling block faced even by diligent students is choosing a good topic. Why is it so challenging to brainstorm globalization research topics?

In order to do this successfully, a research of the main issues is a must. There are two variants of how you can get a really worthy topic that will impress your teacher. The first one is to conduct research to have a clear picture of what globalization is to get the better understanding of the issues of globalization. This variant is time-consuming and not so effective as the second one. Do you wonder what it is? Just check the list of the globalization topics for research papers that are provided in this article and pick the one you like most.

Good Research Topics on Globalization: Top-50

Do you have no idea what to write about? If it is the first time when you have been given the task to write an essay on globalization, you are welcome to look at the greatest globalization research paper topics. You are recommended to choose the one you are passionate about. When picking the topic, make sure that it will be interesting not only to you but to your reader as well. Check the list of the A-grade globalization research paper topics ideas on globalization:

  1. The main idea of globalization
  2. Philosophy of globalization
  3. What is globalization for you? Give illustrative examples
  4. Globalization and the world economy
  5. Globalization: Good or Evil
  6. Globalization today
  7. Which examples of globalization do we have now?
  8. What has become possible thanks to the globalization?
  9. Globalization and new types of rationality
  10. Globalization as a process of political and cultural integration
  11. Analyze the major features of globalization
  12. W hen can we talk about globalization?
  13. Which factors may influence the speed of globalization?
  14. Describe the main stages of globalization
  15. Write the opinions of famous scientists on globalization
  16. What is the connection between globalization and trading?
  17. Write about the distinctive features of globalization
  18. How do historians consider this process?
  19. Express your opinion on the globalization of the XXI century
  20. What will globalization lead to?
  21. Globalization as a process of interaction between different people
  22. Is globalization a natural process that can't be stopped?
  23. Is it possible to contribute to globalization?
  24. How does this process provide access to new progressive knowledge?
  25. Describe how globalization takes place in the developing countries
  26. May globalization have any negative consequences?
  27. Who will suffer most from the negative consequences of globalization?
  28. What is the major goal of the today's world economy?
  29. The most serious globalization issues
  30. Prove that globalization is an inevitable process
  31. How does it increase the number of immigrants?
  32. Is there any connection between globalization and new inventions?
  33. How does globalization stimulate the development of countries?
  34. The most important fact about the globalization process
  35. Globalization and international standards
  36. Sociology of Globalization
  37. How do young people understand the term "globalization"?
  38. Tell about globalization on an example of some country
  39. Which social consequences does globalization have?
  40. Analyze every must-step in the process of globalization
  41. Global problems of the humankind
  42. Alternatives to globalization
  43. What is your attitude towards globalization?
  44. Which changes are inevitable after globalization?
  45. Can globalization be considered a historical process?
  46. The problems of information safety
  47. Consider changes in the cultural development
  48. The influence of the globalization process on the modern youth
  49. The globalization of a personality
  50. The main conception of globalization

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15 Easy Essay Topics on Globalization

Do you find writing on globalization topics difficult? Then, have a closer look at 10 easy research topics issues on globalization. You will definitely find the topic you are going to feel fine with. Check the list of the following aspects:

  1. What is globalization?
  2. Is there any country today where people have never heard about globalization?
  3. Are there people who are opposed to globalization?
  4. Compare three opinions on globalization
  5. Why are some people against globalization?
  6. The ideology of globalization
  7. Define the most significant issues of globalization
  8. Does the government take an active or passive part in the globalization?
  9. Monopoly and globalization
  10. Competitiveness and globalization
  11. Which influence does globalization have on the democratic institutes?
  12. Choose one government and describe how exactly it solves the national problems
  13. How does globalization influence internal and external politics?
  14. Outline one major con of globalization that you consider the most serious one
  15. How can the system of international relationships benefit from globalization?

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