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Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Writing an essay starts with a topic choice. Teachers today tend to assign specific issues to cover less often: they are more interested in what students can propose. Some types of essay writing require selecting more than a single topic. Compare and contrast paper along with the cause and effect essay are among them, and a student should have more than one issue to discuss.

What is the cause and effect essay? It is a type of educational task that requires listing the reasons for something to take place and interpret the real or potential consequences. What causes people to do their job tasks? What is the effect of pollution? Do you think of the possible outcomes of your actions, like the consequences of smoking or consuming alcohol? If you do, it might be simpler to get the main idea of cause-and-effect writing. Here are some basic writing tips and a list of topics.

Various Types of Cause and Effect Essay

A student should decide which type of cause-and-effect essay to select before writing. The basic kinds include:

  1. Primary - lists the leading causes and effects.
  2. Contributory - the less significant (the opposite to primary).
  3. Remote - hidden reasons and outcomes.
  4. Immediate - those that possess a direct connection with the problem.

Depending on the essay topics, one can choose the proper approach. Your outline will depend on the issue you want to cover.

How to Pick a Good Topic or Question

Selecting a topic could be time-consuming if a student does not follow several simple steps. They should choose the field they are competent in. It is necessary to check whether enough external sources, both primary and secondary, are available online or in the college library to decide whether there will be compelling evidence to support the thesis statement.

After the process of research and brainstorming, a student should have a list of ideas. It is better to consult the tutor before choosing one.

Basic Tips

Once you have settled for one of the paper topics, you may wonder how to develop it into a good paper. We will share a list of great ideas with you below. Now, mind the main principles of crafting a cause-and-effect essay.

Before you start writing, create an outline - a plan that contains headings of every section along with the main arguments (claims) of each new paragraph. Highlight keywords to make the writing process easy and fast. An outline will predetermine your structure.

An essay starts with an introduction that should contain a topic presentation, background details, and a solid thesis statement. We recommend adding a hook sentence at the beginning.

In the body of your paper, list causes of the particular issue and move smoothly to the outcomes of it. You may either list all causes first or alternate causes and effects.

The final stage in academic writing is developing a conclusion that will leave a long-lasting impression. It starts with the paraphrased thesis statement (attention: do not copy-paste it from the intro!). An author should summarize all the reasons and outcomes next. The final step is to disclose the central message of the paper and offer some forecasts or implementations of the possible solutions to the problem.

Almost every academic paper requires evidence. That is why a student should add info from the various trustworthy sources and cite them using the preferred or recommended citation format. After the conclusion, develop a list of references. It should appear on the separate page of your project (Works Cited, References, Bibliography).

The last stage is to revise your draft: proofread the text for grammar/spelling/punctuation errors and edit the content to make it logical, coherent, and relevant. Do not submit the paper without revising it!

Now is the time to discuss the possible list of topics. Check the list created by our professional essay writers to get inspired and pick the one you like.

Viable Ideas to Include in Your Writing

  1. Causes and Effects of World War II
  2. It is one of the most popular themes to discuss in the cause and effect essays. The main reason for the war to begin from Poland was Hitler's aggression, but you may try to list some secondary causes and detect several outcomes. Those could be famine, unemployment, deaths, destruction, etc. It is possible to focus on economic outcomes or social results. The topic is broad, and a student has to make it narrow as trying to cover all aspects would be a mess. You may discuss the world years ago from the war beginning.

  3. Causes and Effects of Overwhelming Academic Assignments
  4. Students can name numerous academic assignments among the reasons for stressful situations and ongoing depression. What effect does a complicated task have on student's brain? How much homework is enough? Explain what the consequences of overwork are, and you may persuade your teachers that they should provide you with more free time.

  5. Adverse Consequences of School Bullying
  6. What causes teenagers to commit suicide? Experts have identified that high school bullying is the main cause of the increased rate of teen suicide. List the reasons why some students may become aggressive, and others can become their victims. Offer the list of outcomes. Stress that it is critical to solve the problem as fast as possible because the outcomes of school bullying are dramatic.

  7. Things That Lead to College Drop-Outs
  8. Begin with an exciting fact admitting that more students are dropping out from colleges in the United States. It is one of the best cause and effect essay topics. A writer can warn the students about the adverse consequences of studying bad and show the things that should be changed for better in educational institutions.

  9. Does Standardized Testing Have Positive Effects on Education?
  10. There are many debates about the effectiveness of standardized tests. Decide why schools have these exams (reasons) and find out whether they have a positive or negative impact on the evaluation process. Are the test scores objective? Do they represent the real knowledge of the student?

List of the Top Ideas for Cause-and-Effect Papers

We have discussed what you could cover in your paper in detail. We have some good news - our writers have prepared more topics for you to observe, divided into several categories. Check them out!

Economic Topics

Economics is a popular subject that goes hand in hand with political science. Here are the possible topics:

  1. The cause of the US government partnership with the private sector.
  2. The outcomes of the Global Economic Crisis of 2008.
  3. What the Agrarian Revolution gives to the United Kingdom citizens.
  4. Why citizens of the US may start thinking about retirement early.
  5. The reasons for the immediate drop in a state's economic progression.

Tech Topics to Consider

How does technology impact people now compared to months ago? In a cause and effect paper on technology, you may be interested in covering one of the issues below.

  1. Reasons for marketing and offering goods and services on the Internet.
  2. The causes and factors that make Google the top search engine in the world
  3. In what ways are smartphones useful in learning?
  4. Are the effects of Instagram and Facebook merger positive or negative?
  5. Why do they restrict access to free music in the United States?

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Education topics will always be relevant no matter whether you study English composition, literature, history, or another subject. That is why you might be interested in one of the following issues:

  1. Factors that lead to high literacy rates.
  2. Possible consequences of refusing to have school uniforms.
  3. Reasons why many families pick private schools over the public ones in the US.
  4. What are the significant outcomes of high school bullying?
  5. Why do most of the students refuse to move from United States?

Social Science

Many social issues to be solved exist today. Students may study their causes and effects to help improve society.

  1. The adverse outcomes of having a pet.
  2. Reasons for the young men to join the army on a volunteer basis.
  3. How comes some babies are still-born?
  4. How can society benefit from banning alcohol?
  5. What are some other effects of promoting skinny bodies through media?

Healthcare and Nursing Ideas

Healthcare and nursing is a large sector. It covers various topics that you may use for your writing.

  1. Causes of allergies among young adolescents.
  2. Positive effects of having regular physical exercises.
  3. Several reasons to wash your hands before having a meal.
  4. Results of having high levels of protein in the organism.
  5. The mental consequences for the health of those who suffer from cancer.

Historical Cause-and-Effect Topics

What do students cover in their history papers? If you need to select an essay topic for history and anthropology, consider the ideas of our experts.

  1. Outcomes of the building the Great Chinese Wall.
  2. Causes of the Civil War in the United States.
  3. The impact of Nazism on people other than Jews.
  4. What was the primary reason for the League of Nations to fail?
  5. Why did the Russian Revolution take place?

You'll come across many different cause-and-effect essay topics in your life. Running out of time could be the main reason for you to be late with your paper or submit a piece of poor quality, and you can avoid such problems today! If the above ideas are not enough, and you have problems with the process of writing itself, feel free to contact a professional team of academic writers rather than suffer on your own. Everyone may need help from time to time, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.


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